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Know the breed before you choose your dog.

We all have the chance to make a healthier choice when we choose our dogs. Keep scrolling for tips on how to choose healthier breeds, better breeders and happier dogs.

Test your knowledge of flat-faced breeds

There’s more to us than snuggles, cuddles, and goofiness. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of flat-faced breeds and see if you’re ready.

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When you’re choosing a four-legged friend like me, what’s the most important thing to consider?
My pawsome good looks and charming personality
My health and care needs
Whether I’ll be a good fit for your lifestyle

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My flat face makes me stand out from the crowd, but do you know why I look like this?
Selective breeding has shaped the way I look
It’s a natural genetic mutation
It’s all about the environment

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You’ve seen those funny videos on Instagram of me snorting and snoring? But do you know why I’m such a noisy sleeper?
I was born with a unique (and loud) respiratory system
My nasal passages are shorter than other dogs
I’m probably chasing something in my dreams

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We all occasionally need a bit of tender love and care but take a guess how much the vet bills for a dog like me could be in the first year alone.
£2500 +

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If I get a little damp, I’ll need some help to dry off. Do you know why?
My skin can get bacterial infections if i’m not properly dried off
I get cold easily and need help to warm up, especially after walks
I’ve got to look my best and I need a pamper to keep my coat soft and shiny

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My toothy ‘grin’ is actually linked to a common health issue. Can you guess what it is?
My tongue is too big, no wonder i’m always sticking it out
My mouth is too small, so my teeth get crowded
I just have a few more teeth than most other dogs

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If we’re out on a walk and I’m struggling to breathe, what’s the best way to help me out?
Keep taking me on plenty of walks to lose some of that puppy fat
Give me a breather and speak to my vet about potential surgery
Make sure I’m only taken for a walk when it’s cool out

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On average, do you think a flat-faced dog like me lives a shorter, the same, or longer life than many other types of dogs?
The same
Bulldog Pug

“People buy a pug or French bulldog because they look cute and they’re popular – you see them all over social media. But they’re not just a cute little pet, they’ll likely suffer with a lot of conditions, often painful.”

Pug owner, Bristol

“Our French bulldog needed surgery to help her breathe, and that cost £1,500, but she still gags, snores and struggles with the heat.”

French bulldog owner, Surrey

“It can be very expensive, so people often give up their dogs when it gets too hard or costly. It’s very sad and it’s not fair on the animal – they shouldn’t be bred to live a miserable life.”

Pug owner, Bristol

“One time our Pug stopped breathing and my boyfriend had to give him CPR. Afterwards, he couldn’t stand up for several days and took months to recover.”

Pug owner, Bristol
Frenchy Another Pug

Choosing healthier breeds leads to happier dogs

Unfortunately, there’s been a rapid rise in flat-faced dogs in the UK as a result of social media trends and ‘petfluencer’ marketing. We’re here to make sure people see things from the dog’s perspective and start choosing healthier breeds for the right reasons.

Helping you make good dog choices

We’re choosing dogs for the wrong reasons. They’re not fur babies, they’re real animals. Dogs should be bred to be healthy and happy, not for what they look like.

Small but not perfectly formed

Thinking of getting a pug or a bulldog? Their flat faces, wrinkled skin, and big eyes might seem adorable, but, here’s the thing – they are hiding serious health issues. Those snorts and snuffles might make you smile, but they are telling you something.

Looks can be deceiving

Owning a flat-faced dog comes at a price for you and for them. Do you know what you’ll need to consider? If you really want a dog with extra needs, make sure you are ready to support them.

Do the best for our best friends

Everyday life is a struggle for flat-faced dogs. Breathing is hard work, and they have issues with their spine, eyes and skin. Let’s stop the demand by choosing healthier breeds.

Thinking about getting a pug, English bulldog or frenchie?

Bringing a new four-legged friend into your life is exciting, but it also comes with important responsibilities. These tips will help you make good choices when deciding on your new dog.

Know your stuff

Do your research. Start by understanding the health concerns of flat-faced dogs. Be aware of any breed-specific health concerns and ensure you are prepared. The bills for vet visits and treatments will add up.

Part of the family

Think about how long your dog will be part of the family. Our mental wellbeing can be seriously affected by having a pet who gets poorly regularly or dies sooner than expected.

Consider other breeds

Each and every breed comes with its own unique needs but many breeds are healthier than pugs and bulldogs and might be a better fit for your lifestyle.

Rescue first

Sadly, people often feel they have to give up their dogs when it gets too hard or costly. If you feel you are well prepared for a new dog, then the best place to start is at a rescue centre.

Chat to a good breeder

If you can’t take a rescue then chat to a good breeder. Never buy a pug or bulldog over the internet. Ask them to show you their local authority licence. Don’t use breeders who prioritise looks over health and use the puppy toolkit to help you make the right decisions.

Want to know more?

Tell your friends and family why it’s essential to pick healthier breeds. By raising awareness and sharing our campaign we can help people to understand what life is like for flat-faced dogs. If you’re looking to get involved or are someone who’d like to share their story, we want to hear from you.